Enso Stone Bath Mat

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Experience the perfect balance between luxury and functionality with Tosoro Bath Stone Mat.

It is a versatile and multifunctional addition to any home. 

✔  Luxurious and Functional

✔  Anti-slip Grip

✔  Quick Drying

✔  Sustainable and Low Maintenance

✔  Versatile for Everyday Use

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A Clean and Dry Bathroom

in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Unbox Tosoro components

Step 2 

Set up nonslip mat underneath Tosoro

Step 3

Enjoy a dry room within seconds

Tosoro Gurantees


Odor Free

Quick Drying

Mildew Resistant

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Quick Drying



Odor Free



Slow Drying



Strong Smell

Single Usage

Tosoro Bath Mats revolutionize modern decor. 

Enjoy the luxury and simplicity of our bath mats.

Clean, Quick, Stylish

Our absorbent diatomaceous earth bath mats quickly drain water away to keep moisture from building up. Enjoy having a clean and dry surface under your feet after every bath!

Low Maintenance 

Tosoro Bath Mats are built to last throughout the years. Maintenance is easy with our included sanding tool - a quick scrub monthly will keep your mat good as new!

Modern Luxury

With its chic and modern look, you can use our diatomaceous bath mat in every room. Our various color designs blend seamlessly into any home setting.


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