Collection: TOSORO Flow Stone Bath Mat

ELEVATE YOUR BATHROOM DESIGN WITH TOSORO Experience the perfect balance between luxury and functionality with Tosoro Bath Stone Mat. Our stone bath mats for bathroom are simple and minimalist and would perfectly accentuate any modern bathroom. It is a great addition to your shower room if you are going for a chic, spa-like vibe. Make your bathroom a safer space with our fast-drying stone bath mat. It is designed to absorb large amounts of water at a time to help prevent your floors from being slippery. It even has a secure non-slip bottom layer to securely hold it in place to provide grip to your feet when you step out of the shower. Our super-absorbent diatomaceous earth bath mat also has a porous texture that soaks-up moisture immediately. Enjoy a clean and dry surface under your feet after every bath. LUXURY AND COMFORT REDEFINED With its sophisticated style, our bath mat stone can also be used as a dish drying rack in your kitchen or a mat underneath plants and pet bowls to keep your space clean. You can even use it as a doormat when you come in from the rain or snow. It is versatile and multifunctional which totally redefines convenience and comfort. Our diatomaceous bath mat is made from pure, quality Diatomaceous Earth made of fossilized algae with no chemical treatments, colorants, preservatives, or fragrances. It features a breathable surface that is safe for sensitive skin. The best part is, our bathroom stone mat needs minimal upkeep and only requires buffing every few months. Simply use the included sanding tool to freshen it up and you’ve got yourself a bath mat stone that can last for years. Take a step on luxury with Tosoro Bath Stone Mat. Get yours now!